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I'm a husband, father, tech entrepreneur, fledgling writer, and the proud recipient of a Bachelor's in Finance, which to this day I don't believe I've used.

I've worked in the technology sector for close to twenty years, currently as the CTO and co-founder of iplaud. In that time, I've focused on everything from network security to software development, travelling to three continents in the process (four if you want to count North America).

In my spare time, usually the wee hours of the morning, I either write, or get sucked into the news. I like to listen to NPR (I switch between WNPR and WNYC), and often catch BBC's excellent broadcasts.

I like to cook (I'd pit my roasted potatoes against any takers), and have been known to brew beer now and then.

I think that's about it . . .


The Lesser Evil
A society torn apart.
This is the world Jocelyn Bishop lives in. But things are about to get worse. Far, far worse. A shocking visit from a government agent sends Jocelyn’s world into a spiral. But it’s a mysterious inheritance that finally propels Jocelyn into a whole new reality. One where nothing, and no one, is as they seem...
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