The Lesser Evil

A severe drought pushed the world into the last great war. After many years, and huge casualties on all sides, it ended with a simple agreement: Each country was to turn inward, to stay within their own borders, from that point on. How they managed their populations was their own business, but if any country stepped outside its borders they would find themselves the target of an immediate nuclear strike.

That was many decades ago, and even though the agreement held, things have only gotten worse. Just a few cities as we know them remain, and even those are beginning to crumble. Residents struggle with the uncertainty of their increasingly restricted day to day life, all the while suffering from the guilt of walling off most of their family, friends and fellow citizens.

Jocelyn Bishop is one of the lucky ones. The daughter of a high-ranking government official and a wealthy tech titan, she shuns an even more privileged position in society for an ‘ordinary’ life, but an unexpected visit from government agents sends her world into chaos.

Soon after, Jocelyn is thrust into her estranged fathers secretive Foundation and becomes the key to humanity’s future.

Which way will she turn?

Check out the trailer, some early reviews, Andrew's strange poem, and a few insights about the book.

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The book trailer
Andrew's strange poem...

Found scrawled inside the cover of a cryptic journal was this equally enigmatic poem...

Something's hiding in the wall
Gnawing, nesting, growing strong
Something's living in the wall
Building, plotting, all nightlong
Something's lurking in us all
It has been there all along
~ Andrew Bishop ~
Where did this story come from?

A few years ago I heard a member of the tech elite do what they sometimes do -- voice a ridiculous prophecy completely unfounded in reality. In this case it was a theory that artificial intelligence would catch up with humans within the decade.

My immediate reaction was to roll my eyes, but then started thinking.

What if it was possible to create such a machine -- one that was able to match our capacity to think and learn? Under what circumstances would someone try to create such a thing, and more importantly for what purpose?

The Lesser Evil is my attempt to imagine such a situation. It details the final days of a world without hope, a world where handing our destiny over to a machine might not be such a crazy idea.

What do you hope others get out of it?

I'd be really happy if people found it entertaining, and ecstatic if it got people to reflect on what we, as humankind, are doing here, and what we hope to be.

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